How This All Works

Cello Tracks Session Online

Getting Great Cello Tracks From Me Is Easy!

  1. WE’LL CONNECT ABOUT YOUR MUSIC: E-mail me an MP3 of your tune. I’ll listen and we’ll talk about the best way to realize your ideas.
  2. SEND ME YOUR REFERENCE TRACKS: Upload a WAV file of your main mix to an FTP site (Dropbox, etc).
  3. I’LL GET BUSY: I’ll download the mix, record the cello tracks and send back MP3s of 3 takes.
  4. YOU’LL LISTEN & REVIEW: Decide if the takes are working for you. If you’d like slight revisions (3 included  in pricing) I’ll go back in and make them.
  5. RECEIVE YOUR FINAL TRACKS: When you’re satisfied with the work, you’ll Paypal me the recording fee and I’ll send you the final WAV file versions.

It’s that simple. If you’ve got questions or concerns at any point I’ll be an email or a phone call away.

Contact me: (715) 209-4316 • email me