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"For me, helping an artist to realize their musical vision is an unending source of great experiences with really cool people. I've never counted the number of albums I've worked on but it's safe to say it's been more than a couple hundred." - Ed Willett



$75 per tune for up to 2 layered tracks if the cello part is provided in written form.
$125 per song if you would like me to arrange the part or parts.
Prices include a phone consultation to discuss your desired direction for the tune and ideas you have for the recording.
How To Receive Your Cello Tracks (All the details.)

"A number of years ago, touring with the amazing artist, Rickie Lee Jones, I met and shared the stage with Ed Willett playing trio concerts with Rickie. I found myself constantly mesmerized by his talents, he takes the cello worlds beyond where it was designed to go". Jeff Pevar - guitarist with Ray Charles, Bette Midler, Joe Cocker, Crosby Stills and Nash, David Foster and many more.

Remote Cello Recording

“Ed is one musician I know I can count on to deliver beautifully played tracks with pristine audio quality. His cello playing always takes my productions up a level and adds more than I could have anticipated.” - Max Highstein, Composer & Recording Artist


"Ed Willett is a hugely gifted musician and arranger, who is also one of the most easygoing, positive people I've ever had the pleasure to work with in the studio" Andy Dee - Producer/Musician


Evolution of a Cello Player

I grew up in Wisconsin and soon started my quest to find the best conservatory I could in a place where it didn't snow. Through a series of unbelievably lucky circumstances I got into the U.S.C. school of music, one of the leading conservatories in the world and a great "feeder school" for the recording industry there in L.A. I worked as a session musician in L.A. for 10 years, recording music in a staggering array of styles and situations. There I recorded for film and television as well as for singer/songwriters in the genres of Rock, Blues, Folk, New Age, Reggae, Latin Pop, Metal as well as for a lot for artists whose music didn't fit any category. I moved back to the mid-west in the 90's and presently I split my time between my original music project called "Chance" and recording for amazing projects that come my way.


You'll find in my recorded examples a few pieces that were arranged by others but the majority were arranged by me and/or improvised. One thing to keep in mind when looking for the right cello player for your project is that there are many cellists who can read a printed part but fewer who arrange string parts and fewer still that can improvise parts across many genres and even fewer who are singer/songwriters themselves. I'll bring the whole package to your project.


My recording room is comprised of wood floors and wood wall paneling with an acoustical tile ceiling. I recently acquired a 250 year old cello that has the "master builder" sound I've been searching for my whole life and my recording mic is an AKG 414 Large diaphragm condenser.

cello recorded remotely

‭(715) 209-4316 • email me